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A Day in the Life of a Target-Market Female.

GEM of a gem.

"There are no great briefs, only great ads.
There are no great briefs, but there are a lot of bad ones.
A good brief is probably about as good as a brief gets."

— Gary Duckworth


Brand: Pictionary
Agency: Ogilvy, Malaysia
Chief Creative Officer: Gavin Simpson
Executive Creative Director: Gavin Simpson
Creative Director: Tan Chee Keong
Art Directors: Yee Wai Khuen, Tan Chee Keong, Gavin Simpson
Copywriters: Adam Chan, Donevan Chew
Account Manager: Sharon Khor
Account Supervisors: Amy Yep, Joanne Lee
Illustrator: Milx
Photographer: Studio DL
Typographer: Lian Ee Wern

Childhood at its best.

Dikembe Mutombo has 4 1/2 Weeks to Save the World


This is an amazing game and piece of advertising. Go forth my followers, blow out this candle, eat this cake, and save the world!

This is how you make a day better!

Nike: the look of sport

Stoked to see this.  

Looking forward to the Spring Friday Forum Lineup.  #stacked


At Friday Forum and was just shown this commercial.  So awesome

I loved it too-

The Annual Planner Survey

Each year, Heather LeFevre surveys planners from around the world about their current jobs and compiles all the data into a very insightful report. The 2011 version came out a short time ago, and is available for public view on Heather’s blog (http://i’  It’s got some very insightful information.  Thanks to Heather and team for producing this!

Planners: Find problems before solutions

Great blog entry from Influx Insights suggesting that problem identification is actually harder than coming up with solutions.

Cultivate a Better World


How Chipotle Made This Amazing Stop Motion Film (And Made Us Cry) | Co. Design