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Look on the bright side.


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CLOT x Nike Air Max 1 ‘Kiss Of Death’, more here

on the hunt for sneaks.

Sometimes, you need general things.

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I like this one, Cam.

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Sometimes, before I present, I imagine that there’s a microphone like this in front of me.  Makes it feel like a stage.

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map steez @davidmendozaiii (Taken with Instagram)

My favorite place

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This makes me miss California.

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Sometimes, you just need a silly walk.

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Seeing things from a different point of view-  at the Highline in NYC

I have been listening to all week while doing work.  This is an awesome project- check it out.

VCU Brandcenter Soccer Team:  We won the league championship!  (I should have uploaded this earlier….)  Thanks for a great season, everyone!

Afternoon in OBX

With two of the best people to work with: b/w Polaroid