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Sometimes you have to live on edge

go with it.

"I never use a studio to work … You have to get new ideas from life … For me the most important spaces to be are the spaces in between — like in airports or lobbies of hotels — when you’re leaving one space and you arrive to another space. Before you start to make new habits you’re really open to destiny, you’re more perceptive, you see things. If you ask someone who has made the same commute to work everyday for 25 years to describe his own door, he probably couldn’t do it. But if you bring the same person to Japan and ask him afterwards to describe something, he could do it because his perception would be open."

Marina Abramovic, performance artist


Viral Video of the Day: Learning to Dance in 365 Days

For one whole year, San Francisco-based designer Karen Cheng honed her dancing skills every day and recorded her progress on camera. Here’s the result.

I dig this.  Good on you for sharing the process!

Digging the window dressings—Happy and proud to work here.


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Reminder in staying relevant: you can’t make the world fit to the most creative or most expensive idea.  Find what is relevant to people’s lives, and then you can connect.


yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. today I am wise so I am changing myself.


The lorax #killinit #drseuss



What travelling is all about.


Well done, London.

Cheers for a job well done


sometimes, this is true.