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CULTEXT*: Designers vs Coding


“Do I need to know how to code?” is a question that comes up with sure-fire consistency in design circles. I’ve seen it asked by so many, from uncertain design students in classrooms worried about their chances of landing a job, to seasoned professionals at conferences…

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Beyonce: Billboard Music Awards 2011


And We Just Hit The Level of Minority Report!

holy smokes!  The world is cool.

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Animated commercial introducing the Chromebook

“Chromebooks are built and optimized for the web, so you get a faster, simpler and more secure experience without all the headaches of ordinary computers. Take a look:

More video inspiration.

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Really liking the interaction between speaker and text.  Nicely done-

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"I’d like to help develop projects that connect technology to goodness. Google is constantly developing lots and lots of useful and free tools. One of the areas we’re focusing in 2011 is how to connect the dots between these tools and people in need. There are many small businesses, NGOs, charities, teachers, moms, and dads who are still struggling because of the recession and they can all benefit from these tools in different ways. Our challenge is HOW to present these tools to people and organizations in ways that they become relevant and easy to use."

Ji Lee, Creative Director of Google Creative Lab

New Challenges For Creative Leaders in 2011: What’s Your Take? (via stepa)

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The selling power of the iPad, in an infographic.     (via Kirstin Butler)

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